Barrett and I decided that Micah (our 3 ½-year-old) should be educated on the important Jewish holidays, as well as our Christian holidays.  So last night, Micah started the animated movie The Prince of Egypt and after sundown, we shared a Passover meal (with a “seder-lite” – because it’s a little hard to do the 4 Questions with a toddler).

Afterwards, Micah could hardly wait to get back to the movie about “the man who had to run into the desert because he hit a bad man.” (Proud Momma.) Unfortunately, I had to jump on a conference call and left Barrett to manage Micah, Maddox – our very active one-year-old, Bizou the Schnoodle puppy, and Suki the Bengal cat.  About an hour later, Barrett found me upstairs and it went something like this:

B: I’ve got to put Maddox to sleep. He’s melting down.

A: Okay. Where’s Micah?

B: She just finished Prince of Egypt and is starting it again.

A: Wonderful! Did you have a chance to talk to her about the movie and correlate it to the meaning of the Passover dinner?

B: …Yeah, right after the baby’s post-bath blowout, him screaming for his bottle, Micah yelling at us to leave, and the dog chasing the cat onto the table causing your matzo ball soup to dump onto the floor, I whistled loudly and said, “Old Testament Time Out!” Then Micah, the baby, the dog, and the cat all just sat there quietly and listened while I explained that God told the Israelites that they should celebrate their liberation from slavery in Egypt each year with a seven-day festival during which they should eat only unleavened bread.

We’ll try again next year. Until then…where are my 4 cups of wine?