Tomorrow is a big day! Not only are we excited to move to a home with a tad bit more space, we’re leaving a home that we desperately loved for eight short years.

If those walls could talk…

At least after people got over the initial shock, they’d smile at the experiences our house would recount: the promise of Sunday night Thai food; thick French accents that melted into light French accents; muddy paw prints; sweet prayers of children for family and stuffed animals; the screech of the fire alarm when I cooked; late nights slugging through briefs, pondering commas, and penning love letters (yes, Barrett can be very romantic); the squeal of children ecstatic to see us walk through the door after a long day; dirty dishes gathered in the sink after a night of long conversation with friends; Saturday morning eggs; Paula Abdul dance routines in the living room; one trillion hours of Scooby-Doo (…maybe that one is an exaggeration, but not by much); meows louder than running vacuums; the thrill of the hideout in Mommy’s closet; the Filipino priest that blessed our house after the famous Vicodin “collision” (not us!); yelling fake obscenities at the Wi-Fi (like “I’ll pineapple-slap your ascot Wi-Fi!”); the certainty that Barrett would trim our backyard trees at night, wearing a headlight flashlight, while holding a glass of wine, and the kiddos playing at his feet; and the list goes on.

These are the things I’ll miss. And also the things I’m glad to be taking with me.

So, I’m ready.  Cheers to new beginnings and wonderful blessings!