My happy place on Monday nights in 1987 was on the couch with my mother watching Pierce Brosnan – I mean “Remington Steele.” (Insert audible sigh here.)


For you youngsters, Remington Steele was detective show where, Laura Holt, a licensed private detective couldn’t generate business because no one wanted to hire a woman P.I. so she created a mythical boss “Remington Steele.” Conveniently, the ideal candidate for bringing Remington Steele to life arrived at her door in the gorgeous form of Pierce Brosnan. Romantic comedy ensued.

I hadn’t thought of that show in a long time until this week when one of Barrett’s friends joked, “As usual, Natasha gets it done. And as usual, Barrett paints around the edges and declares complete victory.”

My response without thinking was, “I am Laura Holt.”

The similarities are uncanny.

1. Remington Steele is smooth, snappy, and clients love him. Laura’s cool, smart, and keeps her head in dangerous situations – allowing precious little time for emotions to creep in and cloud her perceptions.

“The doctor is going to set your son’s arm now,” an emergency room nurse said to me.

Barrett rushed in the room, “Is he okay?”

“Yes,” I responded. “He has a broken arm. I need you to go to the waiting room because they’re about to set it.”

Barrett paused. Then he kissed me on the cheek and headed out the door as quickly as he came in.

“That’s my husband,” I said, realizing there was some confusion about our exchange. “He’s got too much empathy and a past history of fainting.”

One nurse blurted out, “I wish my husband were that empathetic . . . and good looking!”

2. Laura and Remington always flirted and sparred, but opportunities for serious romance between them were inevitably interrupted by gunfire or the sounds of breaking glass.

Barrett may not anymore, but I still remember a time when we could hug each other without tiny little humans squeezing themselves in between us.

Are they afraid that if they leave us alone to cuddle up, they’ll have to put up with yet another sibling trying to steal their Scooby-Doo toys? Is it some form of torture for us making them eat their vegetables before dessert? Are they secret agents for a government-funded population control effort?

I don’t think we’ll ever really know. But I do know that while some women hope they’ll receive beautiful roses or sparkly jewelry on Mother’s Day, I’m asking for a lock on my bedroom door.

3.  This one doesn’t need a lead in. 

Laura Holt: While it is more than apparent that Mr. Steele here is the senior member of the firm, the fact is that for the nuts and bolts operation, we’re more or less, um, equals. Wouldn’t you say, Mr. Steele?

Remington Steele: One might even go so far as to say that Miss Holt is sort of in charge of such things.

Mildred Krebs: He’s the boss, but you’re in charge?

Remington Steele: Having worked for the government, Mildred I wouldn’t think the concept is beyond your grasp.

4. Remington Steele was stunning clad in immaculate designer suits and obviously comfortable in a tuxedo while Laura’s hair was usually pulled back and her sleuth wardrobe centered on blazers and trousers.

Barrett wears Zegna, Armani, and Brioni while I’m known to wear thrift store clothes that aren’t always flattering. In fact, my only thrift store rule is: No underpants or puzzles.

“Isn’t this great?” I said, twirling around in a second-hand Abercrombie plaid shirt. “I got it for $7!”

“You bought someone else’s shirt they gave away for free,” Barrett said, shaking his head. “What about that nice French Connection sweater I bought you last month?”

“Hmph!” I threw my nose up in the air. “New clothes make me itch.”

5.  We hardly ever know what we’re doing either. 

Mildred: “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Laura: “Of course not, Mildred, but when has that stopped us before?”

Yep – It’s undeniable. I am Laura Holt and Barrett is Remington Steele.

Let the romantic comedy ensue.